What If?

When a door closes, a window opens.  I cannot count the number of times this phrase has come up in conversation recently with clients, friends, and family.  And it's gotten me thinking...based on a myriad of unexpected events that have occurred in my own life and career over the past eight years and seeing where I am now, I've become thoroughly convinced that things do happen for a reason. 

In no way are we necessarily prepared for what it means to have a door closed on us or in our face, nor do we necessarily understand the reasons or see the "good" in certain things as they are happening to us in the moment in which they're happening, often painfully, often brutally. But as we allow ourselves to keep going and weather the changes, as we find whatever it is we need to regroup and breathe again, ultimately an unexpected conversation or an unexpected connection can suddenly turn things around in completely new directions for us. We're surprised, we're tested, we're unsure -- and we find strengths and ideas in ourselves we didn't know we had.  Moving through shadow to light can be strange, it can be exciting -- and I've found that we  need to keep ourselves as open to the What if?s as best we can because the results can be spectacular!

Windows open; look out and let life in!

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