believing in magic

the breadth and delicate majesty of nature is magic
the writing and telling of stories is magic
the creating of art is magic
the giving and receiving of love is magic

this time of renewal and looking ahead is magic
this time of possibility and maybe is magic
this time of reflection is magic
this time of creation is magic

I believe in magic as I believe in hope
I believe in magic as I believe in a world greater than ourselves
I believe in magic as I believe in inspiration
I believe in magic as I believe in art sprung from imagination

I believe in the magic that infuses our dreams
I believe in the magic that forges human connections
I believe in the magic that carries us on our journeys
I believe in the magic that we share through ourselves

embrace your magic, and pass it on.

(c) emma d dryden, drydenbks LLC


Lighting the Dark Corners

"And the world will still be imperfect, because men are imperfect. Good men will still be killed by bad, or sometimes by other good men, and there will still be pain and disease and famine, anger and hate. But if you work and care and are watchful, as we have tried to be for you, then in the long run the worse will never, ever, triumph over the better. And the gifts put into some men, that shine as bright as Eirias the sword, shall light the dark corners of life for all the rest, in so brave a world.” 
                                                                                                                                                                                                --Susan Cooper, SILVER ON THE TREE

Today is aftermath—the aftermath of the tragic, senseless shooting of children and adults in Newtown, Connecticut. We’ve all of us been delivered a tragic, senseless blow—yet one more act of darkness in a world where so many of us are try to keep lights lit even as we discover new shadows every day.

I can't think I'm alone in feeling ill-at-ease today, anxious, distracted; feeling I’m on the verge of hurtling down a hill, about to scream, about to rage—but I’m unable to focus, to do anything particular, to make any noise. Tears come for no reason—or, rather, for anger, for helplessness, for sharing in grief.

In my unrest, I find myself turning to this blog—to write. To write. To create something strong of myself and my heart that can’t be shot down, can’t be ripped apart or away, and that can help me to heal.  However we find ways to heal, we must—and in doing so, we create something precious for the world that might help to replace the precious the world’s lost. Write, paint, sing, dance, walk in nature, breathe deeply, and love fiercely. As we reach out to friends, to family, to others, so too must we reach inside to be gentle with ourselves. And we must remind ourselves we do carry the light necessary to light the dark corners, vanquishing one shadow at a time.

(c) emma d dryden, drydenbks LLC