Listening, Learning, and Living Fully

I am listening.
I am learning.
I am collaborating.
I am fighting.
I am convincing.
I am yielding.
I am angry.
I am heartbroken.
I am celebrating.
I am mourning.
I am proud.
I am confiding.
I am comforting.
I am instigating.
I am soothing.
I am challenging fears.
I am expanding bravery.
I am challenging complicity.
I am contemplating what it means to take a stand.
I am contemplating what it means for me to take a stand.

I appreciate and believe those who raise voices.
I appreciate this time to open eyes, open ears, open arms, and open heart.

Last week...this week...next week...and the weeks after that, I will continue.
For this is what it means to live fully in the world.

(c) emma d dryden, drydenbks llc


  1. How lovely of you, Wendy. Your comment makes me feel seen, which I appreciate so much. Thank you.

  2. You show your commitment to others, caring interest in life and compassion at a time when we all need it. Blessings on you, Emma.

  3. Thank you so much, Jane. I appreciate your kind comment.