Scholastic, Worms, and What If?

I couldn't be more thrilled that Judy Newman and her team at Scholastic Book Clubs are focusing their Scholastic Reads blog and Dollar Deal this week on WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR? that I co-wrote with Rana DiOrio, illustrated by Ken Min.

This book is inspiring young entrepreneurs in the classroom, in Girl Scout troops, in summer camps, and more! I'm so proud!

Thank you to all the teachers, counselors, educators, librarians, and readers who are embracing this book and asking the most important question, What if?

Take a look through the Scholastic Reads newsletter for five exclusive blog posts inspired by WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR?

I'm in a video!

During the Scholastic interview, I was asked if I'd ever invented anything when I was a child. I'd forgotten all about this, but the memory of starting a worm farm suddenly came back to me! I talked about this with Scholastic, but the story had to be edited out for the sake of space. Here's the story: Growing up an only child, I loved playing by using my imagination. 

After a big rainfall one summer in Connecticut, when I was about eight, 
I began to collect worms and decided to start a worm farm. I put together trays of soil and settled the worms into their new home. I fancied I would be able to "breed" worms and sell them to people who wanted them. Needless to say, this whole enterprise didn't last very long, the worms weren't game, and I moved on to other imaginings and activities. But that worm farm? I remember it with such happiness! With just the right amount of ewww factor!

So, how many of you have ever invented something? Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. Congratulations Emma! I believe the only thing I have ever invented have been words. :-)

    1. How wonderful! The invention of words, which leads to the invention of stories...yes!

  2. I invented a friend, for one thing. She was an umbrella turned upside down, the handle was her head. I dressed her and stuck her in the ground near me when I played outside. And while playing outside, I invented/created a bug graveyard. Like you and worms, I collected dead bugs. The graveyard wasn't limited to the ground. Bugs found their final resting place in fruit trees, in rock gardens and stick houses. I spent a lot of time alone, making things up. Maybe a little too much? Nah.

    1. Now THIS shows the power of imagination indeed! What fun! :)